Enterprise profile

Tangshan Heng Arts Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in early 2006, is a comprehensive machinery manufacturing enterprises, equipment manufacturing, research and development and re-use in one. Products covered mines, iron and steel metallurgy, chemicals, ports, building materials, coal and other fields.
The main products are:
Material handling system equipment represented by high-capacity high-strength belt conveyors;
Sintering machine, belt (ring) cooler represented metallurgical sintering system equipment;
To plate deep processing production line equipment represented by the rolling line, plating equipment and spare parts;
To weighing hopper, the aging machine represented by the design and manufacture of chemical fiber equipment;
Steel metallurgy roller-based continuous casting equipment and spare parts;
Companies fully integrate the advantages of processing resources in Tangshan, creating a scientific manufacturing quality system. With numerous institutions of higher learning and research institutes to ensure that advanced science and technology support, mining the length of the public, to provide users with scientific and technical support for users to create a reassuring product.
Companies with the help of its China Machinery Manufacturing Internet of Things platform, the traditional production lines and equipment for intelligent upgrades, access to the Internet, give it a new vitality.
The company's operating philosophy: practical work, integrity life, create quality, create brilliant.

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