Belt conveyor maintenance methods

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Belt conveyor belt conveyor for crop material and traction components of the continuous conveyor machinery. Suitable for horizontal and inclined conveying bulk materials and parts, can also be used for a certain process operation of the pipeline line. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, stable and reliable work, strong adaptability to materials, large conveying capacity, small power consumption and wide application. Let's take a look at the maintenance of the belt conveyor.
1, check the transmission motor and reducer daily abnormalities;
2, every day to check whether the belt is loose, and adjust in time;
3, monthly check conveyor belt is elongated, and promptly adjusted;
4, monthly check the cylinder rotation is flexible, and promptly repaired;
5, check the drive sprocket and chain monthly consistency, timely adjustment, and to add lubricants to the chain;
6, blowing gas to control the dust in the box every month to prevent failure;
7, reducer for the first time after 100 hours to replace the clean internal gear oil, put a new oil, every 2500 hours and then replaced once;
8, make a major maintenance every year, check the degree of damage to the accessories.




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