Screw Conveyor

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Screw Conveyor, a machinery used to move the materials forward and transporting materials, uses motor in turning the spirals. Its simple structure makes it easy for maintenance. The compact size and small section size covers only small space. It’s easy to access the hatches and compartments when unloading at the port. Screw conveyor makes it available to carry out sealed transporting, conducive to the transportation of easy-floating, incandescent and gamy materials; it can reduce the pollution to the environment and improve the working conditions for the workers at the port. The loading and unloading is convenient because it can be done at any point of the horizontal screw conveyor.
Equipped with relative screw feeding machine, vertical screw conveyor is capable of reclaiming materials quite well. It can achieve converse transmission, as well as transmitting to two directions, namely, clustering to the center or be away from the center, by using one machine. The energy consumption per unit is rather large. The materials are easy to grind and wear, and the screw blade and trough are severely ground.



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