Vibratory/Vibrating/Shaker feeder

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Introduction of vibratory feeder:
Vibratory feeder is a feeding equipment with advanced economic and technical index. Compared with other feeding equipment, vibratory feeder has the following characteristics:
1. Small in size, light in volume and simple in structure;
2. Easy to assemble and maintain, with low operating cost;
3. High efficiency and large volume feeding;
4. Low noise contributes to better working environment;
5. Low power consumption and high power factor;
6. Working beyond resonance state with stable amplitude, reliable operation and good adjustment to all kinds of materials;
7. Stepless adjusting feeding volume available when adjusting the eccentric block. Simple structure, even feeding and good continuous production and adjustable shock machine available. Flexibly change and control flux. Eccentric block as the vibration exciter has low noise, low energy consumption, good adjustment and no material clashing. Enclosed body can prevent dust pollution, and achieve reliable operation and long service life.



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