Rotary discharge valve advantages you all understand?

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Rotary discharge valve main role is to control the mechanical gear device, the main principle is through the rotary switch to achieve control. So rotary dump valve has what advantage? Let's take a look
       Throttling in the process industry can cause significant amounts of cavitation that can damage the pipe, create unacceptable levels of noise, and cause turbulence in the gauging system, resulting in unclear or unreliable readings. The discharge valve has a robust The design greatly reduces the valve failure due to the water hammer, and at the same time the spool can absorb some of the excess energy, significantly reducing cavitation and related problems.
No external leaks
       Standard discharge valves are 100 times more leak-proof than standard stop-valve designs and the movement of the stem of the stop valve pulls the dust in and carries the sand into the valve thereby damaging the graphite packing. Valve in the discharge valve without any access to the movement, but for the rotation movement, so as not to damage the packing, to avoid external leakage.
Smooth operation
       Unloading valve can be uniform and continuous delivery of materials, compact structure, stable operation, low noise. And due to bearings, gear box away from the shell at a distance, the high temperature, lubrication has been improved



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