This is the original scraper conveyor!

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       Scraper conveyor Believe that many people in the industry have an understanding, but most people generally just know "scraper conveyor" only, then scraper conveyor specifically what is it? What made up? What is the working principle of it? Let's take a look at it below
       Tractor chain traction, conveying bulk material in the tank conveyor called scraper. Its main structure and components are composed of three parts: nose, middle and tail. In addition, there are additional components for hydraulic jacks for moving conveyors and chain tensioners for tight chain.
       According to scraper conveyor chute layout and structure can be divided into parallel and overlapping two, according to the number and layout of the chain, can be divided into single chain, bilateral chain, double chain and three four chain.
       The working principle of the scraper conveyor is that the open chute is used as a supporting member for coal, gangue or material, and the scraper is fixed on the chain as a traction member. When the head drive section starts, drives the sprocket on the head shaft to rotate, and makes the scraper chain circulate to drive the material to move along the chute till unloading to the head part. Scraper chain around the sprocket for endless closed loop operation, the completion of material delivery.


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