Belt Conveyor

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DTII type belt conveyor is the upgrading production of TD75 type belt conveyor and DX type belt conveyor. Belt conveyor is suitable for transporting materials with bulk density from 500kg/m³to 2500kg/m³, under the temperature from -25℃ to 40℃, and with the maximum granule size at 350mm. Other protective measures should be taken accordingly if certain requirements are needed like heat-proof, cold-resistant, waterproof, antiseptic, explosion-proof and anti-flaming.
Belt conveyor, easy to use and available at a horizontal and vertical position, is widely used in various modern industrial enterprises, such as underground tunnel of a mine, ground transportation system of mine, open pit quarry and dressing plant. According to delivery process requirements, it can form horizontal or vertical transporting, whether it is a single conveyor, multiple conveyors or it can join other transporting facilities, in order to meet different needs of operating lines during transporting.




Belt conveyor has simple structure, low consumption, low cost and is easy to maintain. Apart from these properties, there are some other characteristics:

1. Belt conveyor is able to transport a range of materials and has extensive usages. It can transport all kinds of bulk materials, light products like various cartons or packaging bags, as well as the commodities transport to large supermarket checkout.
2. Belt conveyor has wide ranges of structures: trough belt conveyor, flat belt conveyor, climbing belt conveyor, side tilting belt conveyor and turning belt conveyor. Accessories like push plate, side board and skirt can be added to satisfy various technological requirements.
3. Belt conveyor uses specialized food grade belt conveyor, meeting the requirements of food, pharmacy and daily chemical industry.
4. Smooth conveying makes sure that there is no relative motion between materials and conveyor belt, which can avoid the damage to the transporting materials.
5. Compared with other conveyors, belt conveyor is less noisy, and it’s suitable for situations which have requirements for a quiet working environment.



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